By Gabriel Pabon, @Gabep96May 1, 2020 As Swizz said it’s time for the Queens to be next IG live battle! While its been a little over a week since we saw Tedy Riley and Babyface SHATTER Instagram live’s record and the platform itself, it’s finally time for a new battle in the highly popular series […]

January 4, 2020

Summer is just about done when this boat ride floats in. But before we let the summer heat go, we must celebrate again. After Boston Carnival, ya must hit this boat ride if you can wake up, get some breakfast and make the boat on time.. For more photos, hit the link of the logo […]

Screenshot from soca songstress Destra’s “Me Gusta” video, featuring cricketer Ali Khan, via YouTube. Few soca music videos have gone viral to the degree that singer Destra Garcia’s “Me Gusta” has. The song — one of Destra’s offerings for Trinidad and Tobago’s upcoming 2020 Carnival season, which has been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube — […]

Published 30th December 2019 ByEBUZZT Hundreds of new soca tracks have been released ahead of Carnival 2020 and once again, there is the sad rumbling that merely a handful of these songs are being played on the nation’s airwaves in Trinidad and Tobago. A short carnival season brings with it a heightened desire to pull […]

by Michael Mondezie Ah feeling it, yes, ah feeling it! There is an undeniable electric energy in the air as the march towards Carnival 2020 begins in earnest today. Boxing Day has traditionally served as the unofficial “soca switch”: the day when artistes, radio stations and the public at large suddenly remember that we have […]

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